American Animators active until 1970 - Letter E



EARLE, Eyvind (26 Apr 1916-20 July 2000)

Backgrounds: DISNEY 51-55 (The Little House 51, Peter Pan 52, Goofy 53 [For Whom the Bulls Toil], Donald Duck 53 [Working for Peanuts], Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom 53, Melody – Adventures in Music 53, Pigs Is Pigs 54, The Goofy Success Story 55, Lady and the Tramp 55)

Color and Styling: DISNEY 56-Mar 58 (Sleeping Beauty 59); JOHN SUTHERLAND 58 (Rhapsody of Steel 59)

Owner/Director: EYVIND EARLE STUDIOS 61+ (Movie titles, Animated shorts, TV commercials)


EASTMAN, Philip (Phil)

Story/Storyboards: DISNEY -41; SCHLESINGER/WARNER BROS. -41-43; U.S. ARMY AIR FORCE FIRST MOTION PICTURE UNIT 43-45 (Private Snafu 43-45); INDUSTRIAL FILM AND POSTER SERVICE c44 (Hell-Bent for Election 44); UPA c45-50s (Fox and Crow 48-49, Mr. Magoo 49-52, Gerald McBoing Boing 51)


ECKES, John (Jack)

Animator: UPA 50s



Animator: HARMAN-ISING/WARNER BROS. 31 (Bosko 31); DISNEY? 40s


EGGEMAN, Rudolph

Animator: FLEISCHER -32- (Betty Boop 32 [Boop-oop-a-Doop, Stopping the Show], Talkartoon 32 [A Hunting We Will Go], Screen Song 32 [Admission Free])



Animator: FLEISCHER -42; FAMOUS 42-56; PARAMOUNT 56-62 (Herman & Katnip 59 [Katnip's Big Day], The Cat 60/61 [Top Cat 60, Cool Cat Blues 61], Noveltoons 60/63 [Peck Your Own Home 60, Counter Attack 60, Tell Me a Bad-Time Story 63], Modern Madcap 61-63 [Crumley Cogwheel 61, Giddy Gadgets 62, Hi-Fi Jinx 62, Krazy Kat 62, Trash Program 63], Bopin' Hood 61, Abner the Baseball 61, Popeye 61-63, Comic King 62 [Little Lulu: Frogs Legs, Beetle Bailey and His Friends: Psychological Testing, Krazy Kat: Mouse Blanche]); TRANS-LUX/ORIOLO c62-64 (The Mighty Hercules 63-65)

Assistant Animator: PARAMOUNT 67 (Go-Go Toons [Marvin Digs 67])


EISENBERG, Harvey (1912-1965)

Inker/Assistant Animator: FLEISCHER -30-31-; VAN BEUREN 30s-36

Assistant Animator/Animator: MGM 37-45 (Tom and Jerry)

Layouts: MGM c41-45 (Tom and Jerry [Fraidy Cat 42, Sufferin' Cats! 43, The Lonesome Mouse 43, The “Zoot Cat” 44, The Million Dollar Cat 44, The Bodyguard 44, Puttin' on the Dog 44, Mouse Trouble 44, The Yankee Doodle Mouse 44, The Mouse Comes to Dinner 45, Mouse in Manhattan 45, Tee for Two 45, Quiet Please 45])

Character Designer/Layouts/Storyboards: HANNA-BARBERA c60- -65 (Top Cat, TV Specials)

NOTE: Father of Jerry EISENBERG; Comic Book artist 45-66 (Foxy Fagan, Tom and Jerry, Spike and Tyke, The Two Mouseketeers, Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear); Newspaper Strip artist 61-65 (Yogi Bear, The Flintstones)



Animator: MGM 50s; WARNER BROS. 50s-c60

Assistant Animator/Animator: HANNA-BARBERA c60-62 (The Flintstones, The Jetsons 62 [Assistant to Bob CANNON])

Art Director/Layouts: HANNA-BARBERA 62-72 (Loopy de Loop 62/64 [Bungle Uncle 62, Slippery Slippers 62, Raggedy Rug 64], Hey There It's Yogi Bear! 64, The Man Called Flintstone 66, Space Kiddettes 66-67, Help! It's the Hair Bear Bunch 71-72, Charlotte's Web 73)

Character Designer/Layouts: HANNA-BARBERA c64-68 (The Hillbilly Bears 65-66, Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles 66-68, The Secret Squirrel Show 67-68, Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor 67-69, The Wacky Races 68-70, Where's Huddles? 70, Josie and the Pussycats 70-72)

Character Designer: HANNA-BARBERA c68-74 (Dastardly and Muttley and Their Flying Machines 69-71, The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie 72-73, Super Friends 73-75); FRED CALVERT c71-72 (Nanny and the Professor 72, Nanny and the Professor and the Phantom of the Circus 73, The Mini-Munsters 73), RUBY-SPEARS c77-80 (Fangface 78-79, The Heathcliff and Dingbat Show 80-81)

Producer: RUBY-SPEARS c77-78/80-81 (Fangface 78-79, Thundarr the Barbarian 80-82)

Sequence Director: SANRIO c78 (Winds of Change aka Metamorphoses 78)

Director: SANRIO c79 (Winds of Change 80)

Creator/Producer: MARVEL/SUNBOW c81-84 (Meatballs and Spaghetti 82-85)

Storyboards: HANNA-BARBERA c88-01- (Yogi Bear 88-89, Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring 02)

Story: HANNA-BARBERA 89-92 (The Tom and Jerry Kids Show 90-93)

Background Layouts: UNITED MEDIA c99 (Dilbert 00 [The Fact])

NOTE: Son of Harvey EISENBERG. Drew Yogi Bear newspaper strip c66-69


ELLIOT, Lowell E.

Story: LANTZ c39-42 (Andy Panda 40-42, Woody Woodpecker 40/42, Swing Symphony 41)


ELLIOTT, Arthur (Art)

Animator: DISNEY c38-41 (Fantasia 40, Mickey Mouse 41 [Orphan's Benefit], Bambi 42)



Animator: DISNEY c38-42 (Donald Duck 39-42 [The Autograph Hound 39, The Riveter 40, A Good Time for a Dime 41, Donald's Camera 41, The Village Smithy 42], Pinocchio 40, Fantasia 40, Mickey Mouse 41-42 [The Little Whirlwind 41, Symphony Hour 42])



Animator: MINTZ 30s


ELLIS, Isadore (Izzy) (1910-1994)

Animator: IWERKS -35-; SCHLESINGER/WARNER BROS. -38-44 (Porky Pig 38-43, Looney Tunes 42-44); WARNER BROS. 44-48 (Merrie Melodies 45, Porky Pig 45, Daffy Duck 45-46, Bugs Bunny 46); KRANTZ/PARAMOUNT c67-68 (Spider-Man 67-69); HANNA-BARBERA c68-79- (The Wacky Races 68-70, Dastardly and Muttley and Their Flying Machines 69-71, Scooby-Doo Where Are You? 69-71, Help! It's the Hair Bear Bunch 71-72, The New Scooby-Doo Movies 72-74, Scooby's All-Star Laff-a-Lympics 77-78, Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels 77-80)


ELLISON, Bunny (= ELLISON, H. C. ?)

Animator: LANTZ c32 (Oswald the Rabbit 32)


ELLISON, H. C. (Doc)

Inker/Cel Painter: PAT SULLIVAN c25-29 (Felix the Cat)

Animator: FLEISCHER 30s-42 (Gulliver's Travels 39); FAMOUS 42-43 (Superman 43)

Co-Director: FLEISCHER c40-41 (Mr. Bug Goes to Town 41)


ELTON, Leslie (Les)

Animator/Director/Story: UNIVERSAL 19-20 (Cinema Luke 19-20, The Whoozit Weekly 19-20)

Animator/Director: ANIMATED PICTURES CORPORATION c30 (Simon the Monk 30 [Hobo Hero, Monkeydoodle])


EMDE, Melvin (Mel)

Director: CREATIVE ARTS STUDIO c59 (Stop Driving Us Crazy 59)



Character Designer: DISNEY c67-68 (The Mickey Mouse Anniversary Show 68, Dad, Can I Borrow the Car? 70)



Animator: FLEISCHER c37-42 (Betty Boop 37-39, Gulliver's Travels 39, Popeye 40-42 [Doing Impossikible Stunts 40, Many Tanks 42], Animated Antics 40-41 [Zero the Hound 41], Mr. Bug Goes to Town 41, Superman 41-42 [Superman in Billion Dollar Limited 42], The Raven 42); FAMOUS 42-58 (Popeye 48-57, Noveltoons 57-59, Casper 58-59); TRANS-LUX/ORIOLO 58-60 (Felix the Cat 60); HAL SEEGER c67 (Batfink 67); KRANTZ/PARAMOUNT c67-68 (Spider-Man 67-69); FOCUS FILMS c73 (The Mad Magazine TV Special 74)

Director: TRANS-LUX/ORIOLO c62-64 (The Mighty Hercules 63-65)


ENGEL, Julius (Jules) (9 Mar 1909-26 Sept 2003)


Effects Animator: DISNEY c37-40 (Fantasia 40 [Rite of Spring])

Inspirational Sketches/Storyboards: DISNEY c40-42 (Bambi 42)

Designer: U.S. ARMY AIR FORCE FIRST MOTION PICTURE UNIT c42-45 (Army Training Films); UPA c45-59

Backgrounds/Color Styling: UPA c46-59 (Fox and Crow 48-49, Mr. Magoo 49-57, Gerald McBoing Boing 51- -56, The Rise of Duton Lang 55, Ham and Hattie 58-59, 1001 Arabian Nights with Mr. Magoo 59); KINNEY PRODUCTIONS/KFS c59 (Popeye 60-61)

Co-owner/Producer [with Buddy GETZLER and Herb KLYNN]/Story: FORMAT FILMS Aug 59-69- (TV Commercials 59-62, Icarus-Montgolfier-Wright 61, The Alvin Show 61-62, Lone Ranger 66-69)

Director: FORMAT FILMS c60 (Icarus 60)

Production Designer: FINE ARTS FILMS c69 (Shinbone Alley 70)

Animator/Director/Story: ENGEL c74-96 (Train Landscape 75, Shapes and Gestures 76, Wet Paint 77, Villa Rospigliosi 88, Aviary 97)

NOTE: Founded Experimental Animation Program at CalArts 70, headed it 70-81


ENGLANDER, Otto (1906-1969)

Story: DISNEY c30/35-39/60-66 (Mickey Mouse 36-38, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 37, Goofy 39, Pinocchio 40, Fantasia 40, A Salute to Father 61, The Hunting Instinct 61, A square Peg in a Round Hole 63, How the West Was Lost 67); HARMAN-ISING c30-32; IWERKS 32-35 (ComiColor Cartoons [Puss ‘n' Boots, Jack and the Beanstalk]); MGM Early 40s (Tex Avery cartoons)

Story Director: DISNEY c38-40 (Silly Symphony 38 [Merbabies], Dumbo 41)

NOTE: Wrote teleplays for DISNEY live-action specials c67 (The Owl That Didn't Give a Hoot 68)


ENGLI, Frank (10 Mar 1906-Feb 1977)

Inbetweener/Opaquer: FLEISCHER 35-36 (Popeye, Betty Boop)

NOTE: Newspaper Strip writer/artist (Rocky the Stone-Age Kid, Looking Back); Newspaper Strip letterer 34-73 (Terry and the Pirates, Scorchy Smith, Male Call, Steve Canyon)


ENGMAN, Andrew (Andy)

Animator: FLEISCHER -30-31-; DISNEY c39-47 (Donald Duck 40-47 [Put-Put Troubles 40, Golden Eggs 41, Truant Officer Donald 41, Donald's Gold Mine 42, Trombone Trouble 44, Duck Pimples 45, Clown of the Jungle 47, Chip an' Dale 47], The Reluctant Dragon 41 [Goofy in How to Ride a Horse], Saludos Amigos 43, Make Mine Music 46)

Effects Animator: DISNEY c39-47 (Goofy 40-48, Why We Fight series 42, Donald Duck 42/46 [Donald's Snow Fight 42, Frank Duck Brings ‘Em Back Alive 46, Bootle Beetle 47])


ENRIGHT, Walter J. (1879-1969)

Animator: FLEISCHER 39-42; FAMOUS 42-40s


EPLER, Venetia

Backgrounds: FILMATION c67-70 (Fantastic Voyage 68, The Archie Show 68-69, The Hardy Boys 69-71); HANNA-BARBERA c71 (The Banana Splits in Hocus Pocus Park 72, Charlotte's Web 73)


ERPI, W. E. > BARRELL, Charles Wiener


ERSHINE, William C. (Bill)

Story: PARAMOUNT 60-61 (Noveltoon 61 [Alvin's Solo Fight], Comic King 62 [Frogs Legs])


ESCALANTE, James S. (Jim)

Animator: DISNEY c38-41 (Bambi 42); MGM -48- -57 (Tom and Jerry 58)



Animator/Director: VAN BEUREN 34 (Rainbow Parade 34-35)




Story: TERRY Early 20s (Aesop's Fables)


ESTRADA, Ricardo Leon (Ric) (1928- )

Assistant Animator: JOE ORIOLO c48

Storyboards: DEUTSCHE DOKUMENTAR FILM [West Berlin TV]; TMS 87 (The Bionic Six 87)

Layouts: FILMATION c80-83 (Blackstar 81-83, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 83)

Character Designer/Model Sheets: HANNA-BARBERA c69/84- -93- (The The Wacky Races 68-70-70, The Smurfs 84, Galtar 86, GoBots: War of the Rock Lords 86-87, The Greatest Adventure – Stories from the Bible 94-96, Captain Planet); DREAMWORKS SKG; WARNER BROS. TV; SONY TRISTAR; SWAN ANIMATION 99-01- (The Princess and the Pea 02)

Director: HANNA-BARBERA 86 (Jonny Quest 86)

Pre-Production Design: HANNA-BARBERA c89 (Jetsons: The Movie 90)

NOTE: Comic Book artist; Newspaper Strip artist (Flash Gordon 61-63)


EUGSTER, Alfred J. (Al) (11 Feb 1909-1 Jan 1997)

Inker/Cel Painter: PAT SULLIVAN Apr 25-Apr 29 (Felix the Cat)

Assistant Animator: FLEISCHER Apr 29-29

Inbetweener/Animator: FLEISCHER 29-Feb 32 (Finding His Voice 29 [for Western Electric], Talkartoon 29-32 [Noah's Lark 29, Marriage Vows 30, Swing You Sinners 30, Fire Bugs 30, Strike Up the Band 30, Dizzy Dishes 30, The Grand Uproar 30, Sky Scraping 30, The Ace of Spades 31, The Bum Bandit 31, The Herring Murder 31, Minding the Baby 31, Mask-a-Raid 31, Jack and the Beanstalk 31, Boop-Oop-a-Doop 32, Crazy Town 32, A Hunting We Will Go 32], In My Merry Oldsmobile 30, Screen Song 30-32 [One Sunday Afternoon 30, Please Go way and Let Me Sleep 31, I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now 31, And the Green Grass Grew All Around 31, Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Shean 31, Russian Lullabye 31, You Try Somebody Else 32], Betty Boop 32 [Stopping the Show])

Animator: MINTZ Mar 32-May 33 (Krazy Kat 32-33 [Lighthouse Keeping 32, The Crystal Gazebo 32, Prosperity Blues 32, The Minstrel Show 32, Wedding Bells 33, Wooden Shoes 33, Bunnies and Bonnets 33, The Broadway Malady 33, Russian Dressing 33, House Cleaning 33, Antique Antics 33, Whacks Museum 33]); IWERKS May 33-34 (Willie Whopper 33-34 [Spite Fight 33, Davy Jones' Locker 34]); DISNEY 35-39 (Mickey Mouse 36-39 [Orphan's Picnic 36, Moving Day 36, Mickey's Circus 36, Donald and Pluto 36, The Worm Turns 37, Mickey's Amateurs 37, Hawaiian Holiday 37, Clock Cleaners 37, The Whalers 38, Society Dog Show 39], Silly Symphony 36 [Elmer Elephant], Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 37 [Bed-building sequence], Donald Duck 37-39 [Don Donald 37, Polar Trappers 38, Good Scouts 38, Donald's Golf Game 38, Donald's Lucky Day 39, Beach Picnic 39, Donald's Penguin 39, Officer Duck 39, The Riveter 40, Bill Posters 40]); FLEISCHER Apr 39-Sept 42 (Gulliver's Travels 39 [Gabby], Color Classic 40 [A Kick in Time], Stone Age 40 [Way Back When a Razzberry Was a Fruit], Animated Antics 40 [The Dandy Lion, Sneak Snoop and Snitch], Popeye 40-42 [Popeye Meets William Tell 40, Fleets of Stre'th 42, Baby Wants a Bottleship 42], Gabby 41 [Two for the Zoo, Gabby Goes Fishing], Mr. Bug Goes to Town 41 [Mr. Beetle, Swat, Smack]); FAMOUS 42-43/Oct 45-Jan 57 (Popeye 42-43/46/48-57 [A Hull of a Mess 42, A Jolly Good Furlough 43, The Hungry Goat 43, House Tricks 46, Spinach Vs. Hamburgers 48, Hot Air Aces 49, Baby Wants Spinach 50, Pilgrim Popeye 51, Lunch with a Punch 52, Friend or Phoney 52, Shuteye Popeye 52, Ancient Fistory 53, Baby Wants a Battle 53, Popeye the Ace of Space 53, Popeye's 2oth Anniversary 54, Fright to the Finish 54, Nurse to Meet Ya 55, Mister and Mistletoe 55, A Job for a Gob 55, Assault and Flattery 56, Parlez Vous Woo 56, A Haul in One 56, The Crystal Brawl 57], Little Lulu 47 [The Baby Sitter], Noveltoon 45/47/52/54-58 [When G.I. Johnny Comes Marching Home 45, Much Ado About Mutton 47, The Enchanted Square 47, The Wee Man 47, Naughty but Mice 47, The Awful Tooth 52, City Kitty 52, Crazy Town 54, Fido Beta Kappa 54, News Hound 55, Sir Irving and Jeames 56, Lion in the Roar 56, Mr. Money Gags 57, Jolly the Clown 57, L'Amour the Merrier 57, Dante Dreamer 58, Okey Dokey Donkey 58, Chew Chew Baby 58], Life with Elsie 47 [Theatrical commercial for Bordens]; Screen Song 49-51 [Winter Draws on 49, Sing or Swim 49, The Camptown Races 49, Readin', Ritin' and Rythmetic 49, Detouring Thru Maine 50, Win Place and Showboat 50, Gobs of Fun 50, Helter Swelter 50, Blue Hawaii 50, Tweet Music 50, Sing Again of Michigan 51], Sunset Prune Juice 49 [Theatrical commercial]; Little Audrey 49 [Butterscotch and Soda]; Kartune 51-53 [Snooze Reel 51, Fun at the Fair 52, Hysterical History 53, Aero-Nutics 53, No Place Like Rome 53]; Herman and Katnip 52/53/56 [Mice Capades 52, Northwest Mousie 53, Mouseum 56, Mousetro Herman 56]; ARMY SIGNAL CORPS PHOTOGRAPHIC CENTER c43-45; TRANS-LUX-ORIOLO c58-61 (Felix the Cat 60-61 [The Banker 60, Strikes It Rich 60, Yukon Gold 61, The Genie's Debut 61, Loan Company 61, Walrus 61, Walrus Enroute 61, Liquid Light 61]); HAL SEEGER 62-63 (Koko the Clown 62-63 [Now You See It Now You Don't 62, Gigantical 62, Whale of a Story 62, Plane Stupid 62, Pony Express 62, Jungle Bungle 63, The Sleeping Beauty 63]); PARAMOUNT Oct 64-Nov 67 (Noveltoons 65/67 [The Story of George Washington 65, Robin Hoodwinked 67], Honey Halfwitch 65-67 [Shoeflies 65, Baggin' the Dragon 66, Potions and Notions 66, The Defiant Giant 66, Brother Bat 67], Modern Madcap 65-67 [Poor Little Witch Girl 65, I Want My Mummy 66, A Balmy Knight 66, A Wedding Knight 66, Two by Two 66, Black Sheep Blacksmith 67], Go-Go Toons 67 [The Space Squid, The Squaw Path, The Opera Caper, Marvin Digs], Fractured Fable 67 [My Daddy the Astronaut, The Stuck-up Wolf, The Stubborn Cowboy, Mini-Squirts, Mouse Trek]); KIM & GIFFORD 68-Sept 87 (Schoolhouse Rock!/Science Rock 73-84 [Women's Suffrage 74, Elbow Room 75, The Shot Heard ‘Round the World 76, Pronouns 77, Mother Necessity 77, Great American Melting Pot 77, Victim of Gravity 77, Interplanet Janet 78, Bones 78, Electricity 78, Telegraph Line 79, Software 82, Hardware 83, The Number Cruncher 84], Drawing Power 80-81 [Professor Rutabaga/Wacky World/Turkey of the Week segments in Show Opening, Bus Stop Opening, Whata Ya Do Opening, Great Wall, Fireman's Toy, Pea Power, Dirty Harry, Carrot, Vitamins, Fibre, Celery, Pass the Salt, Caterpillar, Vegetables, Bully, Pick Your Pocket, Fast Food, Hero])

Animator/Director/Story: IWERKS 33-May 35 (Comicolor Cartoon 33-35 [Jack and the Beanstalk 33, The Little Red Hen 34, The Brave Tin Soldier 34, Puss in Boots 34, Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp 34, The Headless Horseman 34, Don Quixote 34, Jack Frost 34, The Queen of Hearts 34, The Valiant Tailor 34, Little Black Sambo 35, Brementown Musicians 35, Sinbad the Sailor 35])


EVANS, Lillian (Lil) (?-11 Jan 2003)

Animator: DISNEY 47-48; JERRY FAIRBANKS/TV ART PRODUCTIONS 48-51; SKETCHBOOK FILM PRODUCTIONS c54 (Tom Schuler – Cobbler, Statesman 54 [for US Information Agency]); HERB LAMB; HANNA-BARBERA c69-72 (Josie and the Pussycats 70-72, The Pebbles and Bamm Bamm Show 71-72, Charlotte's Web 73); FILMATION c72-74/79 (Treasure Island 72, Lassie's Rescue Rangers 73-75, Star Trek 73-75, The New Adventures of Tom and Jerry 80); BAKSHI c77 (The Lord of the Rings 78); RUBY-SPEARS c78-79 (The Plastic Man Adventure/Comedy Hour 79-80); MARVEL Early 80s

Sequence Director: MARVEL/SUNBOW c85-86 (G.I. Joe 86-87)

Director: MARVEL/SUNBOW c86 (The G.I. Joe Movie 87)


EVANS, Osmond (Ozzie)

Animator: DISNEY Late 30s (Donald Duck 39, Ferdinand the Bull 39); TED ESHBAUGH 43 (Cap'n Cub 45); U.S. ARMY AIR FORCE FIRST MOTION PICTURE UNIT c43-46 (Army Training Films); SKETCHBOOK FILM PRODUCTIONS c54 (Tom Schuler – Cobbler, Statesman 54 [for US Information Agency]); UPA c55 (Mr. Magoo 56 [Magoo's Canine Mutiny])

Animator/Director: UPA [NY] c55 (The Rise of Duton Lang 55)

Director: UPA [NY] c55-58 (The Gerald McBoing Boing Show 56-57 [Outlaws]); FORMAT FILMS c61-62 (The Alvin Show 61-62)

Animator/Associate Director: UPA c58-59 (1001 Arabian Nights of Mr. Magoo 59)


EWING, John (25 May 1928- )

Apprentice Animator: DISNEY c59-60

Assistant Animator: DISNEY 6 Sept 60-65 (101 Dalmatians 61, Goofy 61 [Aquamania], Ludwig Von Drake 61-62 [The Wonderful World of Disney], The Sword in the Stone 63, Mary Poppins 64, Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree 66 [Assistant to Milt KAHL, John LOUNSBERY, Art STEVENS])

Animator: DISNEY 65-66 (The Jungle Book 67)

Layouts: KRANTZ/PARAMOUNT c67-68 (Spider-Man 67-69)

Owner/Director/Producer: JOHN EWING c69-80s (Understanding Alcohol Use and Abuse 79 [for DISNEY], Smoking: The Choice Is Yours 81 [for DISNEY])



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