American Animators active until 1970 - Letter U



UBINAS, David (Dave)

Backgrounds: TERRYTOONS c61-62 (The Adventures of Lariat Sam 62, Hashimoto 63); PARAMOUNT c66 (Honey Halfwitch 67); HAL SEEGER c67 (Batfink 67)


UNG, Richard (Dick) (11 Apr 1923-Oct 1982)

Layouts: DISNEY c56-61 (The Truth About Mother Goose 57, 101 Dalmatians 61); DE PATIE-FRELENG/WARNER BROS. 65-66 (Daffy Duck 65, Porky Pig and Daffy Duck 65, Road Runner Speedy Gonzales and Sylvester 65, Sylvester and Speedy Gonzales 65, Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales 65-66, Road Runner 65-66); DE PATIE-FRELENG 63-74 (Pink Panther 63- -76, The Inspector 67-69, Here Comes the Grump 69-70, Roland and Rattfink 69-71, The Tijuana Toads 69-72, The Further Adventures of Dr. Doolittle 70-72, The Barkleys 72-73, The Blue Racer 72-74, Bailey's Comets 73-75); HANNA-BARBERA c81 (Heidi's Song 82)

Backgrounds: DISNEY c56 (Adventures in Fantasy 57)

Production Designer: UPA c61-62/63-64 (Gay Purr-ee 62, Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol 62, The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo 64-65)

Background Design: HANNA-BARBERA c63 (Hey There, It's Yogi Bear! 64)

Graphic Designer: DE PATIE-FRELENG c74-76 (The Oddball Couple 75-77)

Character Designer: HANNA-BARBERA c76-79 (The C.B. Bears 77-78, Scooby's All-Star Laff-a-Lympics 77-78, Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels 77-80)



Designer: FOCUS DESIGN c68-69 (TV Commercials)


URBAN, Charles

Producer: URBAN c22-23 (Urban Popular Classics 22-23 [The Adventures of Roving Thomas])


URBANO, Carl (20 Dec 1910-17 Oct 2003)

Animator: MINTZ/COLUMBIA 31-; VAN BEUREN -36; HARMAN-ISING/MGM c37-39 (Peace on Earth 39); MGM c39-43 (Barney Bear 39, Tom and Jerry 40 [Puss Gets the Boot], Chips Off the Old Block 42, The Stork's Holiday 43); JOHN SUTHERLAND c48-49; LARRY HARMON c59-60 (Popeye); HANNA-BARBERA c89 (Jetsons: The Movie 90)

Director: JOHN SUTHERLAND c49-58 (Fun Facts About America 50 [Why Play Leapfrog?] Working Dollars 55, Bananas? Si Senor 55, The Littlest Giant 55, Destination Earth 56, Rhapsody of Steel 59); HANNA-BARBERA c71- -93 (Dear Mr. President 72, Galaxy Goof-Ups 78, The Godzilla Power Hour 78, The Godzilla Super 90 78-79, Challenge of the Super Friends 78-79, Dinky Dog 78-80, The All-New Popeye Hour 78-81, Casper and the Angels 79-80, Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo 79-80, Godzilla 79/81, The Godzilla/Globetrotters Adventure Hour 79-80, The Godzilla/Hong Kong Phooey Hour 80-81, The Smurfs 81-90, The Little Rascals 82-84, Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show 84-85, Pink Panther and Sons 84-85, A Flintstones Christmas Carol 94); RUBY-SPEARS c82-84 (Saturday Supercade 83-85)

Unit Director: HANNA-BARBERA c76-77 (The C.B. Bears 77-78)


URIE, John

Story: UPA c58 (Ham and Hattie 58); STORYBOARD, INC. (TV Commercials)



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