American Animators active until 1970 - Letter V




Owner/Producer: VAN BEUREN 28-Mar 36



Animator?: TERRY -26-


VANDERBEEK, Stanley (Stan) (1927 [or 1931?]-1984)

Animator/Director: VANDERBEEK (What Who How 55, Mankinda 56, Achoo Mr. Kerochev 60, The Life and Death of a Car 62, Summit 63, Poem Fields 64-70, Breathdeath 64, Fluids 65, Collisdeoscope, Symmetrix, Ad Infinitum, Science-Friction, Newsreel of Dreams)


VAN ELK, Piet (Peter) (1919-1994)

Animator: HANNA-BARBERA 62-64

Backgrounds: HANNA-BARBERA 64-68/70-79/80-82- (Adventures of Jonny Quest 64-65, Scooby-Doo Where Are You? 69-71, Josie and the Pussycats 70-72, The Pebbles and Bamm Bamm Show 71-72, Charlotte's Web 73, The All-New Super Friends Hour 77-78, Scooby's All-Star Laff-a-Lympics 77-78, Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels 77-80, The Godzilla Super 90 78-79, Challenge of the Super Friends 78-79, Scooby's All-Stars 78-79, Godzilla 79, The Godzilla/Globetrotters Adventure Hour 79-80, The Smurfs 81-83); PANTOMIME PICTURES c69-71 (Hot Wheels 69-71, Sky Hawks 69-71); RUBY-SPEARS c79-81 (The Heathcliff and Dingbat Show 80-81, Bunnicula the Vampire Rabbit 82)

NOTE: Born in The Netherlands



Animator: DISNEY c40-45 (Dumbo 41, Bambi 42, Make Mine Music 46 [Blue Bayou])

Layouts: DISNEY Early 40s


VAN HORN, William (Bill) (1939- )

Backgrounds: IMAGINATION, INC. 61


Animator/Art Director/Producer/Story: DAVIDSON FILMS 67-75 (Between Rational Numbers 69, The Weird Number 70, The Truth About Horsefeathers 74 [for XEROX FILMS], Idiom's Delight 74 [for XEROX FILMS], If You're a Horse 74 [for XEROX FILMS])


Art Director/Producer: FREE SPARLIN 80 (The Reluctant Robot TV Special 80)

NOTE: Comic Book writer/artist 77+ (Nervous Rex, Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge)


VAN OSTEN, Carson (1945- )

Inbetweener/Assistant Animator/Backgrounds: FINE ARTS FILMS 69 (Shinbone Alley 70)

NOTE: Art Director/Artist at DISNEY 69- (Mickey Mouse)


VAUGHAN, Lloyd L. (1909-1988)

Animator: SCHLESINGER/WARNER BROS. 35-44; WARNER BROS. 44-54 (Merrie Melodies 45-46, Bugs Bunny 45/46/48-53, Porky Pig 47-51, Daffy Duck 48/50/53/54, The Three Bears 48/49/51, So Much for So Little 49, Road Runner 49/52/53/55, Hubie & Bertie 49-51, Pepe le Pew 49/51-55, Charlie Dog 50/51, Inki 50, Claude Cat 52, Marc Anthony & Pussyfoot 53, Looney Tunes 53/54 [Chuck JONES Unit]); STORYBOARD, INC. c54-60s (TV Commercials); CHUCK JONES/MGM 66-69 (Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas 66, The Phantom Toll Booth 69); DE PATIE-FRELENG c68-69/71-72 (Here Comes the Grump 69-70, The Blue Racer 72-74); HANNA-BARBERA c69-71 (Scooby Doo Where Are You 69-71, Help! It's the Hair Bear Bunch 71-72); KRANTZ/BAKSHI c71-73 (Heavy Traffic 73); Titles for film ANNIE 80


VERN, David

Story: PARAMOUNT c61 (Beetle Bailey and His Friends 62)


VERNICK, Edythe [also Edith]

Inbetweener: FLEISCHER -31-40- (Color Classic 39 [The Fresh Vegetable Mystery])

NOTE: Head of Inbetweening Department at FLEISCHER


VINCI, Carlo A. (27 Feb 1906-30 Sept 1993)

Animator: TERRYTOONS 33-56 (Heckle and Jeckle, Mighty Mouse); MGM c56-57 (Tom and Jerry 58); DISNEY c57 (Duck for Hire 57); HANNA-BARBERA c57-73/74-82 (Quick Draw McGraw 59-62, Loopy de Loop 60/63/65, Top Cat 61-62, The Flintstones 62-63, Adventures of Jonny Quest 64-65, The Man Called Flintstone 66, Shazzan! 67-69, The Wacky Races 68-70, Dastardly and Muttley and Their Flying Machines 69-71, The Harlem Globetrotters 70-71, Help! It's the Hair Bear Bunch 71-72, The New Scooby-Doo Movies 72-74, Charlotte's Web 73, Tom and Jerry 75-76, Scooby's All-Star Laff-a-Lympics 77-78, Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels 77-80, The Godzilla Power Hour 78, The Godzilla Super 90 78-79, Challenge of the Super Friends 78-79, Scooby's All-Stars 78-79, The New Fred and Barney Show 79, Godzilla 79/81, Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo 79-80, The Godzilla/Globetrotters Adventure Hour 79-80, The Godzilla/Hong Kong Phooey Hour 80-81, The Scooby and Scrappy-Doo/Puppy Hour 82-83); KRANTZ/BAKSHI c72-73 (Heavy Traffic 73)


VINELLA, Raymond (Ray)

Layouts: FILMATION c67-68 (The Batman/Superman Hour 68-69)



Co-owner [with Lee MISHKIN and Fred HELLMICH]/Animator/Director: MISHKIN-HELLMICH-VIRGIEN & FRIENDS c59-81 (Animated titles: Batman TV series 64, TV Commercials, Nine to Five animated segment 80, Faeries 81, Pen ‘n' Inc. 81)

Production Assistant: RICHARD WILLIAMS c76 (Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure 77)

Animator: MURAKAMI-WOLF-SWENSON c79-80 (The Little Rascals Christmas Special 79, Puff theMagic Dragon in the Land of the Living Lies 80); POTTERTON c80 (Heavy Metal 81 [Taarna]); STRETCH FILMS c93 (Angry Cabaret 94)

Timing Director: SPUMCO c90 (The Ren & Stimpy Show 91)

Director: KLASKY-CSUPO c91-95/02 (Rugrats 92-93, Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man 94-96, Rugrats Go Wild 03)

Storyboards: KLASKY-CSUPO c93-96 (Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man 94-97)

Director/Voice director: KLASKY-CSUPO c97 (The Rugrats Movie 98)

Co-producer: KLASKY-CSUPO c01 (The Rugrats in Paris: The Movie 02, The Wild Thornberrys Movie 02)


VITA, John (Johnny)

Animator: TERRYTOONS 30s

Backgrounds/Stills: TRANS-LUX/ORIOLO c62-64 (The Mighty Hercules 63-65); TERRYTOONS c65-66 (James Hound 66-67); KRANTZ/PARAMOUNT c66-68 (Spider-Man 67-69); KRANTZ/BAKSHI c68-70 (Fritz the Cat 72); BAKSHI c72-81 (Heavy Traffic 73, Coonskin 75, Wizards 77, Lord of the Rings 78, Hey Good Lookin' 82)



Story: GEORGE PAL 40s (Puppetoons)


VOGHT, Joseph (Joe) (14 Jan 1909-21 Jan 1998)

Animator: MINTZ 30s; LANTZ 71 (The Beary Family 70-72 [The Bungling Builder 70, Charlie the Rainmaker 71, Moochin' Pooch 71, A Fish Story 72, Let Charlie Do It 72, Rain Rain Go Away 72, Unlucky Potluck 72], Woody Woodpecker 71-72 [Flim Flam Fountain 71, Sleepy Time Chimes 71, Bye Bye Blackboard 71, How to Trap a Woodpecker 71, Kitty from the City 71, The Reluctant Recruit 71, Shanghai Woody 71, The Snoozin' Bruin 71, Woody's Magic Touch 71, Chili Con Corny 72, For the Love of Pizza 72, The Genius with the Light Touch 72, Gold Diggin' Woodpecker 72, Indian Corn 72, Pecking Holes in Poles 72, Show-Biz Beagle 72], Chilly Willy 71-72 [Airlift à la Carte 71, Chilly's Hide-a-Way 71, The Rude Intruder 71])


VON NEIDA, Russell (Russ) (3 Mar 1913-19 Oct 1989)

Animator: SUTHERLAND c55 (Destination Earth 56); ED GRAHAM c63 (Linus! The Lionhearted 64 [Mocking Bird, Adrift on the Rapids]); MELENDEZ c64-65/66/68 (A Charlie Brown Christmas 65, Charlie Brown's All Stars! 65, You're in Love Charlie Brown 67, A Boy Named Charlie Brown 69); CANAWEST [Canada] c65-66 (The Beatles 65 [Baby's in Black Misery] [for KING FEATURES]); FILMATION c67-69/71-73 (Fantastic Voyage 68, The Archie Show 68-69, The Batman/Superman Hour 68-69, Will the Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down 70 [Computer Suitor], Archie's Funhouse 70-73, Treasure Island 72, The Brady Kids 72-74); FINE ARTS FILMS c69 (Shinbone Alley 70); HANNA-BARBERA c73-79 (Hong Kong Phooey 74-76, The All-New Super Friends Hour 77-78, Scooby's All-Star Laff-a-Lympics 77-78, Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels 77-80)



Inbetweener?: DISNEY 50s


VOORHEES, Clifford (Cliff)

Inbetweener: DISNEY 54 (Lady and the Tramp 55)

Layouts: FILMATION 69-73/78-80/86 (Lassie's Rescue Rangers 73-75, Star Trek 73-75, The US of Archie 74, Oliver Twist 74, Sport Billy 79-80, The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse and Heckle and Jeckle/Quacula 79-80, A Snow White Christmas 80, The New Adventures of Tom and Jerry 80-82, Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night 87); HANNA-BARBERA c80-81 (The Kwicky Koala Show 81-82); MARVEL c84-89 (Muppet Babies 85-90)

Layout Supervisor: FILMATION c82-84 (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 83-85)

Layouts/Designer: FILM ROMAN c91-92 (Garfield specials, Tom and Jerry: The Movie 92)

Designer: NICKELODEON c96-00 (The Angry Beavers 97-01)

Key Layouts: CARTOON NETWORK (The Grim Adventures of Bill and Mandy)

NOTE: Newspaper Strip artist (The Toodles); DISNEY Comic Book artist 70-84 (Chip ‘n' Dale, The Li'l Bad Wolf, Super Goof)


VOSK, Theodore (Ted) (23 Jan 1913-15 Feb 1995)

Animator: FLEISCHER -37-


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